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Giza pyramid are not mysterious as it is built. (Read 195 times)
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Giza pyramid are not mysterious as it is built.
Mar 10th, 2017 at 2:27pm
The world biggest and ancient pyramid GIZA is the wonder for many architects.The structure is gigantic in size make the complexity more larger and Confucius over centuries.Man who searches the secrets are more stupid that the whole Hill sized pyramids are not built by labour carrying tones of stones on over heads.

What is the science behind this mystery?

The pyramids were the ideas of some mathematicians who knows power of the gravitation force.They know exact point on the spot where gravitation force cancels to a modified landscape.

They dig deep spiral caves  on the surface land to levitate the huge portion of land escaping gravitation.Once inside architecture is ready for erection then the lift need to be executed with a external force acting on it.This was achieved by long iron chains that would go high in sky when thrown straight during thunder bolt by wheel that rotates inverse to throw and pulled by another chord that wound over the wheel.If the iron chain straitened to the sky would ever caught huge electric discharge the the wheel structure would lift on air at rapid velocity.Which forms a dome structure over the ground and pulls the pre scaled area to the eructed distance from the ground level.during this levitation huge underground area is erected upon the  proposition the heavy electric power discharged through the top of pyramid to the earth ground.All would happen in less than couple of minutes if they could catch a big thunderbolt
on the chain.

The secret maths were known to some Egyptians who were most respected people by pharaohs and the secret were berried with their generation

Today know one know the equation and no one is ever tried to experiments on such huge area on earth surface.Hence the pyramids are mysteries for out times. Shocked
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