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maximum percentage
Jan 3rd, 2018 at 4:04pm
Cloud Mining Bitcoins

Step 1.

Follow the link http://bit.ly/hashflair and register your account.

Step 2.

Confirm your email address

**Step 3

Go to Google Play (for Android devices) or AppStore (for IOS devices) and search for “Google Authenticator”. Once installed - go to Setting sections of Hashflair and scroll to the end and enable “Two-way Authentication”. Open Google Authenticator app and scan the bardcode. Enter on the page Token generated by Google Authenticator.

**Step 4
Logout and login with 2-way authentication

Step 5.
Select “Buy Hashrate” and select “SHA-256” (this is mining Bitcoins and the most profitable at the moment). Select the amount you want to invest. We would suggest initially select a small amount, say USD 100 to see how it works.

Step 6.
Select Credit Card as a payment method. Ideally make sure that you select the card with instant email or SMS confirmation of the transaction. Once you receive the confirmation from your credit card provide like “Thank you for using card ending 1234 for USD XXX.00 at Hashflair_9086, Edinb, GB …” That code 9086 (it will be different for you!!!) is that you need to input to confirm your card with Hashflair. If you do not receive it instantly you can always go to History section and select outstanding purchase in purchase section and finalise the purchase.

Following steps are Optional but we strongly recommend those

Step 7.
Go to Dashboard. In the BTC Balance section in the top right corner you have options “Withdraw” and “Reinvest”. It is a bit counterintuitive but select “Reinvest” and make sure that you select option “Do not reinvest”. You will see that it is working as your number of coins will grow everyday

Step 8.
Select “Pools” and assign the maximum percentage to “Antpool” and maybe some to “F2pool” - the biggest pools at the moment.

That is it. Now sit back and relax and watch your number of coins growing. In “Revenue Forecast” section you can see how quickly you get your money back. O
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